The Picasso Experiment, 2017

How the rotation parameter relates to the position of the eyes

Video A1

Positions chosen

First, we of course ask our subjects to freely positioning the eyes to their liking. In the following graph, the red line represents Picasso's choice, and the big bump in the blue chart represents the choice of most subjects - which happens to represent the eyes perfectly lined up (see image below the chart, left Picasso's choice, right the subject's Picasso, at the position of eyes at the bump in the graph)

Inline images 1

Inline images 2

left: picasso, about 37
right: most popular , about 71

Then, we follow up with an explanation, while at the same time showing the choice the subject made before, but split vertically at the position of the middle of the eyes.

We then ask our subjects if they want to make a change. Of the 505, about 280 decided to make a change based on the image and explanation. The resulting chart is:

Inline images 4

Just to make sure the subjects choose different on average, the chart of the first choice of just these 280 subjects:

Inline images 5